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Upload Your Image

Uploading your files to us is really simple and quick. To the right is a button that when clicked will open our upload service using Hightail. (it’s like dropbox). You can upload a file any size to us.

(Please include your contact details and what your wanting to order.)

This goes without saying but needs to be said “All images you upload to us are used only for your order. They are deleted once you receive your order. Under no circumstances are they ever used for any other purpose.”

Click Here to Start Your Upload

Uploading your images to us is very easy, clicking the button below will open our image upload service. On this page please include your contact details there and what product (ie canvas, photo print and the size your wanting and any other details regarding your order and delivery times.


Image Upload Process

The file upload process.

Step One

First step when clicking the upload button is just two options of what photos you want to add and how to add them. The easiest thing to do is to click “My Computer” and navigate on your computer to where these images are. Once you select a photo it will go to the next screen. If you have more than one image to upload it’s no problem. Now to step two.

Step Two

Ok here you just complete your name and email address. In the message section is where you let us know.

  1. What product your after and the size.
  2. Your contact number and delivery address.
  3. Any other details we need to know about your order or your image. Date it’s needed.

If you need to add any more photos please click the “Add More Files”.

Then hit upload.

Step Three

Your image will then start to upload and let you know how long it will take.

Step Four

And your finished. Whole process is super quick and wont take longer than a few minutes. Once uploaded you will receive an email conformation of it’s success. The rest is up to us. You will hear from us within a few hours.