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Aboriginal Canvases Stretched

After a visit to the Northern Territory, our customer returned with three canvases that needed stretching. Using our on line calculator they worked out the price and mailed them to us. We then professionally stretched them and posted back to Sydney.

Custom Graphic Printed on Canvas

Our customer via the website Fiver had a custom illustration made for his baby’s room that replicated the scene from Lion King. They had a high resolution .pdf file and we were able to print it perfectly. The final size was 150cm wide (60 inch) printed on canvas and coated with our heat seal laminate and stretched ready to hang.

Huge 3 meter Canvas

A customer returned from a trip to America and had this image as a panoramic stitch they did on their point and shoot camera and they had a huge wall space at home for it. This is the job we did for them a massive 3 x 1 meter canvas.

Youth Community PDF Canvas

A Sydney youth community group had us print and stretch four custom canvases for their building. Each image was supplied as a .pdf document and through consultation, we printed exactly what the client wanted and had then delivered for installation.

Oriental Street Canvas

This canvas was unique to stretch, when the customer unrolled it in our gallery it sounded like broken glass. We took great care in making sure the right amount of tension was used to stretch the canvas well but not to put pulling strain on the paint and special materials embedded into it.

Canvas Re Stretching Yachts

A customer came into the gallery with a range of items to be stretched and in this case re stretched. The canvas bar was your typical cheap bar and the canvas was held on the back with a few staples and blue tac. We took it all apart and made a new strong frame for it for the total cost of $45.

Rice Fields Canvas

This beautiful and vibrant green canvas was stretched for a local customer. All canvases are custom measured and a high quality bar made for them.

Turkish Cityscape

This customer had this super wide canvas of a turkish cityscape that he got quotes in excess of $800 for. With our online calculator, it cost him $147. With us it is all about doing the job correctly. Due to the almost three meter width, the canvas was double braced every 90cm.

Stunning African Canvas

This large African canvas was sensational. A treasured item from a customer’s trip to Africa. The painting was on a really thick canvas as well.

Large New York Canvas

There is something nice about a picture that is plain and simple. This large canvas we stretched is of the New York skyline that was brought back from America by a customer as a memory of their trip away. Canvas stretching cost $250. Canvas size 180cm x 90cm.