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Frequent Asked Questions / General Info

Below we have a range of Frequently Asked Questions to help you on our website. If the question here is not answered please send us an email from our contact page.

What Files Do You Accept

We can print all your common files like .jpg .tff .psd .pdf .png .dng .cr2

If you have a file that you want printed and your not sure what it is, or what can be done with it. Please just upload it to us and we can let you know.

Colour Accuracy Of My Images

We work in a colour managed environment where the computers we work on are profiled. But more importantly we use custom made colour profiles for the papers we print on. This makes sure that we offer our customers the best possible print they will get.

Why is your Canvas Stretching Price so Different to Other Places I have Called

We get asked this all the time and if our price quoted online is real and it is. A lot of framers seem to charge a lot for this kind of service. Because we specialise in canvas printing and stretching we are set up for this kind of work and we find that the price we charge customers is fair for the job that it is.

What Kind of Canvas Bars Do You Use and What Size are they

We buy Australian Renewable timber bars for our stretching from a local small business in Sydney. We offer three types of bars that fit the kinds of jobs they are needed for as canvases need the right bar.

Our thin bar is 2cm high x 4cm wide.

Our medium bar and most popular is 3.5cm high and 4cm wide.

Our large bar is 6cm high and 7cm wide.

Other than the Price Quoted on Line are there Any other hidden Costs

No, nothing. if your canvas is large enough to need bracing. (A center timber support in the middle to help with keeping your canvas tight) we do not charge extra. It’s just whats needed to get the job done right.